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Stephan Beyer 2019-01-17 (목) 10:22 1년전 620
- 회사명(Company Name) : Remapak

- 연락처(Contact) : 0288258001

- 이메일(e-mail) :

- 견적문의 내용(Quote contents) : Hello,

I would like to ask for some assistance with our EWS Korea Turret.

WE have a lathe with your turret

model number PL-25MC

S/No. 078

Date – Dec. 2010

We had a collision between chuck and tool on the turret and the turret index is no longer in line with chuck centre.

We have removed the cover and have found the tapered dowels as shown in the diagram.

Is this dowel to be left in the turret or removed after tightening the turret bolts?

Also do you have instructions for realigning the turret as I believe the turret indexing location is changed from the collision.

If the dowel shown in the attached drawing is not the turret indexing location dowel ( which should be removed after indexing is reset) please inform of where this tapered dowel may be and how to gain access to it.

Thank you for your help. I hope we will be able to have a solution to realign the turret ASAP.

Stephan Beyer

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